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Katherine of Aragon, Queen Consort of England | OPEN.

Titles: Queen of England, 1st wife to Henry VIII.
Issues: Princess Mary Tudor I.


Katherine of Aragon was married to Arthur Tudor, eldest son of Henry the VII. Yet after just 20 weeks of marriage, Arthur tragically died and it was arranged that Katherine would marry Henry VII’s second son, Henry VIII, who was now in line of succession of the throne. However, Henry was too young to be married let alone rule a country, so the two were betrothed until Henry came of age.

Katherine hails from Spain, Madrid which answers for her broad accent in the court of England. She gave Henry VIII one daughter, Princess Mary Tudor, of course it was the only child the pair were able to conceive with many miscarriages. Katherine was aware of the many mistresses her husband took up, yet she was not worried in the slightest, given that he grew bored of each of them, until one Anne Boleyn caught his sights. Being a highly religious and spiritual woman of the Roman Catholic faith it was unthinkable that Katherine agree to annul a marriage with her husband, and she was certainly not going to go against God’s good faith to do so. Katherine is a warm, kind and truly giving soul. You will often find her outside, trying to help the poor or in Church praying to God. She will never turn away a friend in need, regardless of her title. With a warm and loving heart you can rest assured that you remain in her prayers.

With a woman that holds the greatest respect in all the Kingdom, and the most loved throughout all of England, it would only go against Henry to divorce her. Katherine believes she is Henry’s one and true Queen, and you will often find her with her Ladies in Waiting

Personality: Charitable - Loving - Kind - Religious - Spiritual - Not one to be meddled with - Can be wildly underestimated.

Present: Now Katherine has been divorced for Henry, she lived out her life in the countryside and travels to Court to visit her daughter occasionally. She still see’s herself as Queen of England, and will not allow anyone to tell her otherwise. Henry tries to be civil with her, to leave on a good note yet she is determined to be wicked to him, of course always trying to make her love him, he never will.

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